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Homeschool/Education Freebies: Presidents Day Links, Unit Studies, Ebooks, Lessons, Coloring Pages And More!

Free Resources For Presidents Day


First, from Homeschool Freebie of the Day:

Great Resources for President’s Day! –Want some really, really neat resources to find out more about George Washington & Abraham Lincoln? How about a free PDF teacher’s guide… timelines… dozens of stories and articles… a virtual tour of Mount Vernon and Washington’s personal papers… poetry by and about Lincoln… and LOTS more? Then check out today’s collection of some of the best links you’ll ever find about these two founding fathers of the US of A.


Childhood Stories of Washington & Lincoln (PDF ebook) –A nice collection of short stories about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln when they were boys, digitized by Ann Tatum. Great for read-aloud and discussion!


EasyFunSchool has a collection of mini-unit studies:

United States Presidents Unit Studies –Individual mini-units on 40 of our U.S. presidents. Brief biographies, trivia questions and links to online resources, lessons, crafts and activities.


Free Presidents Day printables and craft ideas from Homeschool Helper:

President’s Day Ideas for Homeschoolers –Links to a George Washington Lapbook, Abe Lincoln Unit Study, The American President Unit Study, worksheets, coloring pages and crafts.


Simple Homeschool has a free unit study on George Washington:

George Washington: Leader of the Revolution –Printable unit study with interactive questions and activities.


Free worksheets and coloring pages are available at TLSBooks.com:

President’s Day Worksheets and Coloring Pages –Presidents coloring book, 2 George Washington coloring pages and Presidents Day stationary.

Lesson plan links can be found at The Lesson Plans Page:

Presidents Day Lessons and Teacher Resources –Links to lesson plans for all grade levels.


HomeschoolPatriot.com has some free printables:

HomeschoolPatriot: Freebies –Includes a free ebook of George Washington’s 110 Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior, a Presidents Day quiz, a George Washington word find and more American History printables.


If that’s not enough, check out some of my previous posts for more Presidents Day freebies:


Happy Presidents Day




For even more free educational resources, please check my educational freebies tag archive and my Free Homeschooling Page.

Homeschool/Education Resource: Free And Low-Cost Old Time Radio Shows For Presidents Day


“Mr. President” was an old time radio show that aired in the 40’s and 50’s about events in the every day life of American presidents. To challenge listeners, the identity of the President in each episode was not made known until the end of the show.

The Internet Archive has quite a few episodes of “Mr. President” available as free MP3 downloads:

Old Time Radio Programs, Mister President –Download individual episodes of approximately 7mb each, or the whole collection of 29 episodes, which is 54mb.

(If you have slow internet service, a download manager is very helpful. I use the free Orbit Downloader to schedule large and multiple files for downloading overnight.)

Don’t have time to download all those shows? Would you like more episodes? Check out OTRCat.com:

Old Time Radio Catalog: Mr. President –CD of 75 episodes of  “Mr. President” in MP3 format, only $5 plus shipping. Must be played in a computer or special MP3 player device.


These would make wonderful supplements to your American History studies –and a great resource for your “audio learners”.





For even more free educational resources, please check my educational freebies tag archive and my Free Homeschooling Page.

Remembering Abraham Lincoln On His Birthday

I know that the Lord is always on the side of the right. But it is my constant anxiety and prayer that I and this nation should be on the Lord’s side.

I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go. My own wisdom and that of all about me seemed insufficient for that day.

What is conservatism? Is it not adherence to the old and tried, against the new and untried?

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12th, 1809 in a log cabin near Hodgenville, Kentucky. He became the 16th President of the United States on March 4th, 1861 and was re-elected in 1864. On April 14th, 1865, President Lincoln was shot in the head by John Wilkes Booth at Ford’s Theater in Washington DC. He died the next day –April 15th, 1865.

Did you know:

  • Abraham Lincoln had less than a year of formal schooling.
  • By the time Lincoln was 17, he knew he wanted to be a lawyer and would walk 17 miles so he could watch the lawyers work at the county courthouse.
  • In addition to becoming a lawyer, he also worked on a farm, and was a shopkeeper, postmaster and surveyor.
  • Abraham Lincoln is the only U.S. president to have received a U.S. patent.

Want to learn more about President Lincoln?

Websites And Free Educational Resources About Abraham Lincoln





For even more free educational resources, please check my educational freebies tag archive and my Free Homeschooling Page.

Remembering President Ronald Reagan On His Birthday


Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty.

We might come closer to balancing the Budget if all of us lived closer to the Commandments and the Golden Rule.


Ronald Wilson Reagan was born on February 6, 2011 in Tampico Illinois and became America’s 40th president on January 20, 1981. He died on June 5, 2004 at the age of 93.

Did you know?

  • In college, Ronald Reagan served tables and washed dishes in exchange for his meals.
  • In addition to being an actor, he was also a construction worker, lifeguard and sports announcer.
  • At age 69, Ronald Reagan was the oldest elected President.
  • He was the first president to have been divorced.
  • He was longest living president.
  • He appointed the first woman to the Supreme Court -Sandra Day O’Connor.

President Reagan Swearing-in Ceremony 1985 

Would you like to learn more about President Reagan?

Websites And Free Educational Resources About President Reagan






For even more free educational resources, please check my educational freebies tag archive and my Free Homeschooling Page.

More Homeschool/Educational Freebies

Updated August 18, 2012

Homeschool Radio Shows

This week, the Living Books for the Ears program from Homeschool Radio Shows is “Gulliver’s Travels” by Jonathan Swift. This is an old radio show dramatization originally broadcast in the late 1940s. This offer has expired.*

*If you missed the above freebie, you can listen to or download “Gulliver’s Travels” from the Internet Archive’s Favorite Story episodes collection (scroll down to #28) -plus they also have the classic 1939 “Gulliver’s Travels” animated movie available to watch or download to your computer.

President Lincoln Lesson Plans

Celebrate the bicentennial of Lincoln’s birth with free lessons from The Bill of Rights Institute. “Lincoln’s Refutation of Secession,” “To Free the Slaves,” and “Emancipation” will be available through Monday, February 23. Pdf files. Please note: this offer has expired. The free lesson plan “Abraham Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation” is available online.

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum has several free resource guides for teachers, including ones for Lincoln’s Farewell Address and the Gettysburg Address. Resource guides are in PDF format and include lesson plans and classroom activities.

Abraham Lincoln: The Face of a War is a free lesson plan in PDF format from Smithsonian Education about Lincoln between the years 1860-1865.

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Happy learning,


For even more free homeschooling resources, please check my education freebies tag archive and my Free Homeschooling Page.

Presidents Day Educational Freebies

Happy Presidents Day!

Or, if you’re in Canada, Happy Family Day!

There are all kinds of online homeschooling freebies for Presidents Day:

Some great educational resources on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are available at Homeschool Freebie of the Day, today only. Please note: These freebies are no longer available, check back next year for Presidents Day resources. New free resources are available each day.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum -Online resources include digitized historical documents, photographs, audio and video; timelines, interactive day-by-day calendar of the Roosevelt presidency, bibliographies, activities for students, curriculum guides, and much more.

Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello -The Home of Thomas Jefferson

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum: A President’s Day -Materials, Resources and Activities for Teachers

American President’s Life Portraits is a site to complement C-SPAN’s 20th Anniversary television series, American Presidents: Life Portraits March-December 1999. Biographical facts, videos, key events of each presidency, Presidential places and reference material.

Listen to or download The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson, from Radio Nostalgia Playhouse. This is an episode of “You Are There”, an old-time radio program that takes you back in history.

Also from Radio Nostalgia Playhouse is Moments in Time, a podcast of historical events that changed the world. Listen to or download FDR Speaks about the War Beginning In Europe 9/3/39.

Old Time Radio History Shows has some free historical audio downloads of past presidents’ speeches, scroll down the page to listen or download.

There is a ton of little-known facts at Presidential Fun Facts.

Also see 20 Things You Didn’t Know About U.S. Presidents for more presidential trivia.

Want to know what ailments George Washington suffered from? Check out Medical History of American Presidents.

Life of George Washington : Written for Children is a classic biography you can download in e-book format.

Learning Through History has an Abraham Lincoln Mini Unit Study.

Free George Washington lapbook

The American President Unit Study

Worksheets and Printables

U.S. Presidents Worksheets

President’s Word Search

Connect-the-dots Lincoln -for younger children

Help Lincoln Get to The Whitehouse Maze -for younger children

Presidents Day Crafts

Make Washington’s wig

Make Lincoln’s Log Cabin

Make the American Flag

Make Presidential Puzzles

Kaboose President’s Day page -12 different crafts including; powdered wig, future president pin, Abe Lincoln hat, finger puppets, pretzel log cabin

Happy learning,


Homeschool/Educational Freebies:Abraham Lincoln

Today is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.
It’s also my little Daniel’s, he is a big 8 years old today!

Abraham Lincoln

In honor of Lincoln’s birthday, Homeschool Freebie of the Day has a couple of audios for us today. The first is Lincoln’s “Farewell Speech” and the second is about his presidency and the Civil War.
These are available today only. This offer has expired.

Here are a few more resources about Lincoln that I previously posted on my old blog.

  • At FreeAudio.org, you can download and listen to recordings of the Gettysburg Address, the Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln’s second Inaugural Address and Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation of 1863.
Happy teaching,


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