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Free Ebook Of Short Stories For Christian Families

Be sure and stop by Homeschool Freebie of the Day today and get your free resource -today’s freebie is a collection of short stories for reading aloud to your children:

Short & Sweet: Short Stories with a Message (Volume 2) – A great collection of short short read-aloud stories by Katherine Loop of Christian Perspective. These short stories both entertain and challenge. Each story is written as a mini allegory and illustrates a spiritual truth in a memorable way that you and your child will not forget. Normally sold for $2.99 on their website, but free today only here at HomeschoolFreebieOfTheDay!



Homeschool And Education Freebies For Shakespeare’s Birthday

William Shakespeare

Today is the anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth and death, so today’s resources are for learning all about the bard and his works.

First, from Homeschool Freebie of the Day a great collection of links for free ebooks, maps, quotes and more:

Happy 446th Birthday, Mr. Shakespeare! -We’ve collected a handful of great online Shakespeare resources for you to bookmark and keep handy when studying the Bard. These sites are a treasure trove of Quotes, Maps, Pictures, Factoids, Biography, lots more cool stuff about Shakespeare and his works.

CurrClick has three free resources for studying Shakespeare:

Copywork: Quotations from Shakespeare’s Plays (PDF format)-Quotes from Shakespeare’s most well-known plays for copywork, recitation and discussion. Includes:

  • Article on recitation by Charlotte Mason
  • Article on transcription (copywork) by Charlotte Mason
  • Lined copywork pages
  • 30 pages of the greatest quotes from Shakespeare

Why Share Shakespeare -If you are considering Teaching Shakespeare, or are wondering what the big deal about Shakespeare is, this little booklet will answer many of your questions. PDF ebook.

Much Ado About Nothing -MP3 audio of Much Ado About Nothing from the Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare collection.

Activity Village has some free printables:

William Shakespeare Printables
-Notebooking and coloring pages. PDF format

Here are some ideas for a unit study on Shakespeare from Steward Ship:

Shakespeare Unit Study Ideas -Suggestions for getting started, suggested books, list of plays, things to learn and activities to do.

Finally, Speak The Speech is “a non-profit audio theatre company dedicated to providing freely available Shakespearean audio performances online” and they have quite a collection of Shakespeare’s plays:

Speak The Speech Audio Recordings (MP3 format) -Twelve plays for your listening pleasure:  The Tempest, Twelfth Night, As You Like It, Henry IV Parts 1 and 2, Henry V, Romeo and Juliet, The Winter’s Tale, Antony and Cleopatra, Cymbeline, Merry Wives of Windsor, King John, and King Richard II. Includes texts of each play plus a listing of casts and crew.

Shakespeare Resources That Are Not Free But Very Inexpensive

CurrClick: Shakespeare Lapbook & Mini Unit -Includes a timeline of his life and work, some classic quotes, pictures to introduce the Kings and the Queen that Shakespeare cared about, and a few of the characters in his plays. For younger children. Price – $ .50

CurrClick: Understanding Shakespeare Unit Study -Learn who Shakespeare was, explore the times in which he lived, read his works-and discover why he is known as the greatest playwright who ever lived. Unit Study contains explanatory content, online resource links, book suggestions, 6-8 lesson plans and 2-10 worksheets. For grades 3-12. Price – $2.50

CurrClick: William Shakespeare Notebooking Pages -For grades 4-8. Price – $5.00

CurrClick: William Shakespeare Super Pack
-Lapbook, copywork and notebooking pages for grades 4-8. Price – $10.00

Shakespeare On The Radio -50 MP3 recordings on CD of William Shakespeare’s works and other related shows from old time radio shows. Price – $5.00

“Shakespeare For the Ears” Home Study Course Collection -From Homeschool Freebie of the Day, a huge CD collection of audios, stories, study guides and much more -for learning all about Shakespeare. Only available until midnight tonight -April 23,2010- at a special price of $19.95.



For even more free educational resources, please check my educational freebies tag archive and my Free Homeschooling Page.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Raising Entrepreneurial Kids: Free Video And Ebook

Help your children become self-sufficient and start their own business with today’s resources from Homeschool Freebie of the Day:

Raising Kids to Be Entrepreneurs Video -Today we are featuring this great talk by Cameron Herold who shares some of his own experiences growing up as a “different” entrepreneurial kid — and then sharing why/how you should help your kids develop their own entrepreneurial skills. There’s loads of tips, examples, and helpful information here for homeschool families, though this was not an address specifically for a homeschooling audience.


Earning And Learning: 101 Ways for Your Young People to Earn an Income (PDF ebook) -Lots of young people would like to earn their own money, but aren’t sure how to go about it. You’ll get all sorts of creative ideas and inspiration in this unique “idea book” — a collection of profiles of kids with their own businesses, business, service and product ideas, common sense tips, and suggestions for young entrepreneurs, from pre-teen to young adult.

If you haven’t signed up to the Heads Up! mailing list at Homeschool Freebie of the Day, I highly encourage you to do so. You will get an email each Monday listing all the free resources for the week plus an extra subscriber’s only freebie. Sign up today and don’t miss out!



For even more free educational resources, please check my educational freebies tag archive and my Free Homeschooling Page.

Homeschool/Education Freebies: America’s 50 States

Today’s free resources are all about the 50 states of the United States of America.

Homeschool Freebie of the Day brings us a nice little ebook to help teach your children the 50 U.S. States and their abbreviations:

Learn the States & Postal Abbreviations (PDF ebook) –This nifty 29-page e-book by Joy Miller of fiveJs.com includes everything you need to teach your children the states and postal abbreviations — lesson plans, worksheets, flashcards, printable maps, and more. Written to be used with children of any age, this e-book will equip your children with information much more useful than learning just the states and capitals. A great teaching resource for your young learners!

You can find free outline maps of each state at NotebookingPages.com:

Free Outline Maps & Geography Notebooking Pages –Free resources include outline maps for each of the fifty United States, a list of state abbreviations and geography notebooking pages. PDF format.

Teach your children about each state with free lesson plans from the U.S. Mint:

50 State Quarters Lesson Plans – Create stimulating learning experiences for your students with these fully adaptable lesson outlines. Includes reproducible graphic handouts, interactive games, learning activities and suggestions for evaluation exercises. Lesson plans are available in PDF or RTF (MS Office Word) formats, for all grade levels.

Sheppard Software has several free educational games about the U.S.A.:

U.S.A. Games -Online geography games for all skill levels to help your child learn the U.S. states, the state capitals, lakes, rivers and more.

Finally, make learning the names of all fifty states easy with this fun song and slideshow:

Lyrics for Fifty Nifty United States can be found here:

The Fifty Nifty United States Song -Lyrics in PDF format



For even more free educational resources, please check my educational freebies tag archive and my Free Homeschooling Page.

Homeschool/Education Freebies: Chemistry Experiments Ebook, Summer Gardening Unit Study, America’s First Ladies Lapbook and Notebook Unit

A classic chemistry experiments ebook is today’s free resource at Homeschool Freebie of the Day:

The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments (PDF ebook) – Here’s a great Chemistry experiments book from the 1960s that was actually BANNED and removed from libraries across the country for being too “dangerous” for young experimenters. Even though most of the activities and experiments in this Golden Book are safe, a few will need parental supervision should you decide to persue them.

Just in time for gardening season, American Montessori Consulting has a new unit study out:

Montessori PreK-Grade 8 Gardening Unit Study -This is an online unit study for a complete summer gardening unit study. Contains links to articles, hands-on activities and other exercises for reading, language arts, life skills, social studies, science, art, math and more.

In The Hands of a Child offers a free semi-annual project pack and right now you can get one about America’s first ladies:

First Ladies of the United States Project Pack -Contains a complete lapbook unit and notebook unit about the first ladies of the United States of America. For grades 3-6.



For even more free educational resources, please check my educational freebies tag archive and my Free Homeschooling Page.

Homeschool/Education Freebies: April Copywork, Pockets of Time And Constitutional Documents Ebook

Westvon Publishing has a copywork freebie for the month of April:

Happy Scribe Handwriting Book for April -A month of copybook handwriting exercises. Have fun writing about April and the holidays and special events!

Get a free Pockets of Time this month from Fortunately For You Books:

Pockets of Time for Ginger Pye -A wonderful hands-on reading comprehension program to go with the book “Ginger Pye” by Eleanor Estes.

This weeks free product from CurrClick is an ebook of constitutional documents:

Important Constitutional Documents -There are many, many documents that came before the U.S. Constitution, and contributed to it directly or indirectly. These work well for a “compare and contrast” study between any of the various documents and each other, and between these and the Constitution itself.

You can find more free resources from CurrClick on their freebies page. Some recent additions include:

4R Bible Study on Education -How does the Bible define education?  In this 4R Bible study, learn what education truly is, and how the God’s view of this topic can give you a vision for your homeschool.

Flower Mini Books -These little flower mini books are just fun to use as you wish. Just cut out, fold in half and use as desired.

Island of the Blue Dolphins Mini-books and Notebooking Pages -Mini-books and notebooking pages to compliment a study of Island of the Blue Dolphins.



For even more free educational resources, please check my educational freebies tag archive and my Free Homeschooling Page.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Free Ebook About The ADHD Fraud Plus Free Food Guide

Has your child been “diagnosed” with “ADHD”?

You might want to check out these very timely resources brought to you by Homeschool Freebie of the Day and Mike Adams “The Health Ranger”:

Live with Dr. Fred Baughman: The ADHD Fraud (PDF ebook) – In the last 30 years, the field of psychiatry has transformed childhood into a disease through the label of ADHD. Dr. Fred Baughman, a pediatric neurologist and fellow of the American Association of Neurologists explores the reasons for this in this transcribed interview. He is one of the few neurological experts that is willing come forward with the truth about ADHD and the mass drugging of America’s children. Have you ever wondered why other countries don’t have this explosion of mental illness in their kids? Have you ever wondered why people in your parent’s generation didn’t have these problems? The answers are all right here in this interview.


The Honest Food Guide (PDF chart) – An outstanding chart on food choices & how they affect your family. Offers genuine nutritional information, not watered-down information designed to boost the sale of processed milk, beef and grain products.

Note: These links are no longer available at the Homeschool Freebie of the Day website, please see updated links below.

My personal experience with what “they” call “ADHD”:

  • Processed foods, especially food colorings and corn syrup, will affect a child -we got rid of the cheetos, hard candy and soda pops and there was no more bouncing off the walls, anger, and self-destructiveness. Every once in a while, my children get a soda or candy as a treat -and it takes two days for them to calm back down.
  • Exercise is also important -we noticed long ago that our children are calmer and can concentrate better if they get plenty of exercise such as running, jumping rope, hiking and long walks.
  • Drugs aren’t good -what about the side-effects? I’ve seen many children turned into walking zombies after being put on “ADHD” drugs.

Educate yourself, get the book and food chart -they’re free, so you have nothing to lose.



Updated Links:

Live with Dr. Fred Baughman: ADHD fraud and the chemical holocaust against a generation of children

The Honest Food Guide

Homeschool/Education Freebies: Titanic Ebook Plus Free Unit Studies On Bees, Photosynthesis, Spring And Flight

Today’s free resource from Homeschool Freebie of the Day is an ebook about the sinking of the Titanic and other great sea disasters:

The Sinking of the Titanic & Great Sea Disasters (PDF ebook) – Today is the 98th anniversary of the sinking of what was then the largest and finest steamship in the world – the Titanic. On her maiden voyage, loaded with a human freight of over 2,300 souls, the Titanic collided with a huge iceberg 600 miles southeast of Halifax, at 11.40 P.M. Sunday April 14, 1912. She sank two and a half hours later,  carrying over 1,600 of her passengers and crew with her. This is a GREAT collection of first-hand accounts and stories of what happened that fateful night.

Learn about Bees with this week’s free theme unit from SchoolExpress:

SchoolExpress Newsletter: Week of April 11, 2010 -Available through April 17th, 2010 is a free unit on Bees. Also available is a set of activity pages to go with the Bees unit plus new ending consonants worksheets were added to the free worksheets area .

Simple Schooling has a three free unit studies -one about Bees, one on Photosythesis and one on Spring:

Free Interactive Unit Studies -All About Bees is a fun and educational interactive unit that takes your students through insect anatomy, bee anatomy, hive life, lifecycle, pollination, and much more! Photosynthesis is for middle school and up and covers the molecular basis of photosynthesis.  Your students will learn the reaction, the reactants and products, the fate of each molecule, the difference between light and dark reactions, and much more!

Simple Schooling March Freebie -Printable unit study on Spring in PDF format. Note: This was March’s freebie but it is still available as of today.

The Golden Age of Flight is the newest mini-unit from Learning Through History:

The Golden Age of Flight Unit Study -In this online mini-unit, you can learn how planes fly, view planes from the golden age, see a timeline of historical aviation events, find an airshow to watch near your home, learn about two famous golden age aviators – Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart  – and write news stories about their adventures.



For even more free educational resources, please check my educational freebies tag archive and my Free Homeschooling Page.

Homeschool/Education Freebie: Free Worksheets Directory Ebook Still Available

Did you get the Free Worksheets Directory Ebook from Homeschool Freebie of the Day?

If not, it’s still available for free for one more week -just sign up for their weekly newsletter by next Monday, April 19th.

Don’t miss out on this great resource!



For even more free educational resources, please check my educational freebies tag archive and my Free Homeschooling Page.

Update: Sorry, this offer is no longer available.

Homeschool/Education Freebies: Fun Physics Experiments

Today’s freebie from Homeschool Freebie of the Day is a collection of fun Physics experiments:

Physics Experiments That You Can Do At Home (Pdf ebook) -A 22 page collection of fun and easy to do experiments about motion, heat, sound, electricity, magnetism and light. Published by Professor Clint Sprott and his associates as a part of the Wonders of Physics outreach program at the Physics Department of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

For even more fun with Physics, check out the following links:

Rader’s Physics4Kids
An introduction to the science of physics -contains basic information on:

  • motion
  • heat and thermodynamics
  • electricity and magnetism
  • light
  • modern physics -nuclear and quantum physics, radioactivity, fission, fusion

Includes online quizzes to go with each subject.

Little Shop of Physics: Online Experiments -Do some experiments right now, right where you’re at. Includes experiments with common household items, experiments with your computer to learn about your brain plus a few online, interactive experiments (needs the Shockwave plug-in). For all grade levels, some experiments require adult supervision.

Marvelous Machines -Teach your children about simple machines with this series of 21 experiments for levers, wheels and inclined planes. Designed for the 3rd grade.

Physics Central: Color Me Physics -Introduce children to physics in a fun, exciting way with these free pdf ebooks.  Includes:

  • a coloring book of 10 famous physicists
  • a fun activity book starring Abigail Atom with games and puzzles

Physics Central: PhysicsQuests

Story-based activities that expose middle school students to the fun and relevance of science. APS provides a free PhysicsQuest kit to registered 6-9th grade physical science classes, home school groups, science clubs, and after-school programs. The kit includes a user’s manual and materials for four physics experiments.

Past PhysicsQuests are available as free downloads in PDF format and include:

  • Spectra’s Power
  • Nikolas Tesla and the Electric Fair
  • Marie Curie’s Floating Classes
  • Ben Franklin’s Secret Message
  • The Search for Einstein’s Hidden Treasure

Strange Matter -Discover the secrets of “materials science” on this fun, interactive website. Learn how stuff is put together, how it can be used, how it can be changed and made better to do more amazing things. Site contains games, experiments, videos, downloadable family and teacher’s guides and much more. Really neat stuff!



For even more free educational resources, please check my educational freebies tag archive and my Free Homeschooling Page.

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