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Do You Like Green Eggs And Ham?

Abby, coming back in the house from checking for eggs, with a big grin on her face:

Momma? Do you like green eggs and ham?

Green Eggs

Can you guess my reply?

I do! I like them Sam I Am!




Miss Chickee In The Lounge With The Candlestick

Chickee Clue 3

“Can I play?”

Ckickee Playing Clue

“There might be a clue here.”

Chickee Clue

“Is it my turn yet?”

Chickee Lounge Candlestick

“It wasn’t me! I was in the dining room!”

Chickee Clue 4



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Everybody Likes To Read At Our House

Chicken Book (1)a

“What’s this?”

Chick Book aa

“It looks interesting.”

Chick Book bb

“Now we’re gettin’ to the good part.”

Chick Book cc

“Hurry up! Turn the page. “

Chick Book ddd

“Reading always makes me sleepy.”



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New Mama Hen, Rejected Chick, Chicken Whisperer, Pet Chicken

New Mama Hen

A couple weeks ago, when we went to put the metal on the roof of our add-on, we found one of our banty hens sitting on a nest.

Banty Hen Nesting (1)a

She had seven eggs under her – yay! We left her there, and on May 3, the eggs hatched.

Baby Chicks

Mama Bantam (2)a

Mama Bantam (6)a

On May 6, we moved our little hen and her chicks back to the chicken coop, and all were doing well -until two days ago.

Hen and Chicks (3)a


This past Monday, my children came running in the house with a baby chick -the poor little thing couldn’t hardly move! Thinking it had strayed too far from momma hen and just got cold, we put the chick in a box with a light.

After a while it perked up.

Chickee (1)a

That night I put the little chick back under it’s momma, hoping she would take it back.

It was not to be. When my children went to feed yesterday, they saw momma hen peckin’ and steppin’ on the little chick –she had rejected it. :(

Back in the box for the poor little chick.

After it perked up again, the little chick got to cheepin’ really loud –probably because he was all alone.

The Chicken Whisperer

The constant cheeping can be rather annoying and Daniel couldn’t stand it! He sat down beside the box and started cluckin’ to that little chick – and, wouldn’t ya know, that chick quieted right down!

Daniel would quit cluckin’ and the chick would start up again.

Chickee (2)a

It wasn’t long ‘til Daniel got tired of cluckin’!

The chick cheeped for a little while and when there was no answering cluck, he proceeded to hop up on the edge of the box and over to Daniel’s lap!

A Pet Chicken

Daniel couldn’t play with Legos with a chicken in his lap -so little chick went in his pocket.

Orphan Chickee (6)a

Orphan Chickee (9)a

It’s not picky, either –Abby will do as well as Daniel.

Orphan Chickee (5)a

I was worried about the chick cheeping all night long, so, after everyone went to bed, I held the little chick until it went to sleep and then I tucked it under the feather duster we have mounted in the corner of the box.

It worked! Not a peep ‘til this morning!

Chick under feather duster

So now we have a “pet” chicken…

What am I gonna do with a pet chicken?!

I guess we could ride around with it in the car, or take it shopping -like everyone else does with their itty bitty dogs. Heehee. :)


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