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Still Working On My Projects

I’ve got one job done but I’m still working on the other one, so I won’t be blogging much again this week.

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Light Blogging This Week

I have a couple of projects that I really need to get done, so I won’t be blogging as much this week.



Technical Difficulties On Homeschool Freebies Post

I’ve done something to my Live Writer and had some technical difficulties on that last post.

It’s all fixed now, sorry ‘bout that! :)




Our Long Cold Winter And A Big Thank You

It’s been a loooong, coooold winter…but spring has finally sprung, Lacy is getting some work and I’m back online!

I sure didn’t mean to leave everyone hanging back in February, but we were really having a rough time there for a while. I was trying to keep faith and trust that the Lord would see us through -but everything just got to me all at once.

I’m not going into too many details but between hardly any money coming in, the dreary weather, and things tearing up left and right, we were about at our wits’ end several times.

But you know what? Praise God, He did see us through -we still have our home, we always had plenty to eat and not a one of our utilities was disconnected.

Thank you Lord!

Another big thank you goes out to all my dear readers who commented, emailed and prayed for us –it means more than words can say.

Thank you 


Many blessings,


Back Online

Dear readers, I apologize for being silent for so long -I’ve been trying to get back online for the last month, but it’s been one thing after another.

Regular updates will resume tomorrow.





The LORD is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him. Nahum 1:7

Technical Difficulties

Having technical difficulties this weekend.

Internet Connection Problems

Just wanted to let you all know that I’m having Internet connection problems due to all the rain we’ve had. It’s either been extremely slow (7,000 bps) or I can’t connect at all – I haven’t even been able to get my mail. :(

I’ll be back later today, hopefully, when the lines dry out some. :)



I’m Back

Hi everybody, I’m back! Thanks for missin’ me. I hope everyone has been doing well. :)

I hadn’t meant to be offline so long, but…well here’s what happened:

The Injury

On Friday the 17th, my husband, Lacy, was operating the bobcat at work and dumped a load of rocks in his lap. Most of the rocks hit his knees and shins but nothing was broken. He is bruised up pretty good and could barely walk the first couple of days after it happened.

Thank the good Lord the rocks weren’t any bigger (grapefruit size) and he was the one operating -he’s a pretty stout feller and quick thinking. If this had happened to any one else, they might’ve been hurt a lot worse.  So…Lacy was out of commission for a while.

He’s better now, but his knees are still extremely sore and he’s trying to take it easy at work…which isn’t easy!

The Property Damage

First, for those of you that don’t know, a little background on where we live:

Our place is a mile from the road, inside of approximately 120 acres bordering the National Park. There are six houses up here, but we are the only people who live here -the other houses are nightly rentals. The roads in our small community are gravel roads and we, the property owners, keep them maintained. We also have a gate at the entrance which was recently upgraded to electric -it took us a long time to get it and it wasn’t cheap.

On Sunday the 19th, Lacy went out early for a newspaper. He got down the road and noticed one of the nightly rentals had eight vehicles parked at it, not a good sign. He drove on out and, surprise, surprise…our new electric gate was standing wide open! The gate opener was pulled apart and the brackets, which were welded on, were broken off the gate. :(

Apparently the renters lied to the rental agency, it was supposed to have been a family renting the house but they had a big party instead. At 10:30, the previous night, one of the other renters noticed nine cars at the house and one at the gate. When the rental agent arrived on Sunday, four vehicles were still at the house…and fourteen young men and women were still there. I won’t go into details.

We spent that Sunday making a police report and a lot of phone calls. Last week was spent fixing the gate (in between storms), changing codes and notifying property owners.

Again, we thank the Lord…nobody was hurt and nobody’s house was broken into.

(In case you’re wondering why we didn’t hear anything; we live too far back –we can’t even hear “road noise” unless the wind is just right.)

Everything Else

While all that was going on;

  • We had fruit trees to be plant before the storms moved in that Sunday
  • We had taters to plant before the moon changed last Friday
  • I spent two whole days bleaching the logs in our add-on
  • Our washer tore up
  • My internet speed slowed down to 25,000 bps

I was overwhelmed! When my internet connection slowed way down, I figured maybe God was trying to tell me something…everything happens for a reason. :)

Things have mostly settled down around here and everything is taken care of -except my washer. Hopefully, it will be fixed this week. :)

Now I might be able to catch up on all of my online stuff.

More updates later…



Update On It’s Way

Back online, update coming up…it’s a long story. :)

No Posts For a Couple Days

We’ve had too much excitement around here the last few days…an injury and some property damage, among other things.  :-|

I’ll be back in a day or two. :D

Homeschoolers -don’t forget to download your freebie every day from Homeschool Freebie of the Day  -click on the orange fish on the left sidebar.

Have a lovely day,