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Free Biblical Style Mini Nature Unit Study

Nature Unit Study~ Biblical Style! -Praise the Lord through the study of nature with this free mini unit study that will not only have Academic Value but Spiritual as well. All core subjects covered PLUS Jewish Roots and Hebrew Fun!

This free unit is part of Evonne Mandella’s “Summer of Praise Series” -a new weekly series of mini studies that will have you praising the Lord all summer long!

Visit Evonne’s site “Wholesome Learning” to find out more.



For even more free educational resources, please check my educational freebies tag archive and my Free Homeschooling page.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Homeschool/Education Freebies: April Copywork, Pockets of Time And Constitutional Documents Ebook

Westvon Publishing has a copywork freebie for the month of April:

Happy Scribe Handwriting Book for April -A month of copybook handwriting exercises. Have fun writing about April and the holidays and special events!

Get a free Pockets of Time this month from Fortunately For You Books:

Pockets of Time for Ginger Pye -A wonderful hands-on reading comprehension program to go with the book “Ginger Pye” by Eleanor Estes.

This weeks free product from CurrClick is an ebook of constitutional documents:

Important Constitutional Documents -There are many, many documents that came before the U.S. Constitution, and contributed to it directly or indirectly. These work well for a “compare and contrast” study between any of the various documents and each other, and between these and the Constitution itself.

You can find more free resources from CurrClick on their freebies page. Some recent additions include:

4R Bible Study on Education -How does the Bible define education?  In this 4R Bible study, learn what education truly is, and how the God’s view of this topic can give you a vision for your homeschool.

Flower Mini Books -These little flower mini books are just fun to use as you wish. Just cut out, fold in half and use as desired.

Island of the Blue Dolphins Mini-books and Notebooking Pages -Mini-books and notebooking pages to compliment a study of Island of the Blue Dolphins.



For even more free educational resources, please check my educational freebies tag archive and my Free Homeschooling Page.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Homeschool/Education Freebies: World Missions Curriculum

Teaching With God’s Heart for the World by homeschooling mom and missionary, Ann Dunagan, is a one-year curriculum designed to help homeschooling families and Christian educators “impart a fervent heart for world missions into the next generation”.

The two-volume, unit study based curriculum includes:

  • 160 day-by-day teaching plans
  • missionary highlights
  • motivational mission stories
  • crafts, songs and prayer projects
  • field trip ideas
  • hundreds of ways to incorporate a passion for the lost into nearly every subject

Teaching With God’s Heart for the World is written for elementary grade levels, but can also be used by the whole family.

Available as a free download –10 parts, pdf format.


More Freebies

Be sure and check out these other free resources from Ann Dunagan:

Homeschool File Folder Charts -How to Make File Folder Charts for the Teaching With God’s Heart for the World Curriculum.

M.A.P.S. for KIDS -A 5-Day Mission-Minded V.B.S. Curriculum


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Free Classic Bible Lessons


Blessings and happy teaching,



For even more free homeschooling resources, please check my educational freebies tag archive and my Free Homeschooling Page.

Free Classic Bible Lessons

The New Bible Symbols: The Bible in Pictures -by M. Bihn & J. Bealings
(1922)  God’s Word in pictures, by noted artists Max Bihn and James Bealings. This 658 page classic contains 250 pages of illustrated Scripture lessons and is a wonderful resource for parents, Sunday School teachers & missionaries.

Introduction from the book:

“TWO emphatic facts have called forth the production of this work.  First, the need of  more religious teaching or Bible  instruction in the home, and second, the hearty and universal endorsement by Bible students and prominent  Sunday  School workers everywhere of the plan of teaching which forms the basis of this work.

In this hustling, bustling age, the home where father and mother took time to gather daily with the children around the family altar, is in danger of passing away.  It is said on good authority that in ninety-two per cent of the Christian homes of America there is no family worship conducted.

Dr. John Timothy Stone says: "The boy and girl of today have very little incentive to form the habit of the devotional life. Aside from the influence of a, brief hour in Sunday School, or a special course or occasional address in school, they have little opportunity of learning Bible truth. From parents and in the home they gain little in this line, for life has grown so complex and busy. There are some things which have gone from us by default which we must recover, and worship in the home is prominent among them. As the Almighty has made the home the unit of society, so we must let genuine, natural, religious training begin there."

While in many respects, to quote a, prominent educator, "This is the century of the child, and public attention is being aroused as never before and concentrated upon the proper education and training of the child," the fact remains that as far as religious education and training in the home is concerned, it is sadly neglected. Parents-Christian parents-are delegating too much of the religious training of their children to the Sunday School teacher or someone else.

Then, too, in many places, our children are denied the privilege of Bible instruction in the public schools. In all the Christianized countries of the world the United States is the only one where the Bible does not form part of the daily curriculum of the schoolroom. If our children thus grow up, is there not grave danger that the neglect of God’s Word will deprive us of those glorious privileges and liberties for which our forefathers laid down their lives?

The peace and safety of any nation on the face of the globe depends more upon their attitude to God’s Word than upon their armies and navies. Abbott, in his introduction to his history of Italy, after reviewing the fierce struggles and bloody persecutions that rent Europe in the middle centuries, says: "The one great truth taught in all these annals is that there is no hope for the world but in the religion of the Bible."

The need for such a work on the Holy Bible is further emphasized by the fact that comparatively few parents, however anxious they may be to give their children religions instruction, have no practical method or well defined plan for teaching the great fundamental truths of the Bible. The need and the importance of some plan of Bible study interesting to the children and helpful to the other members of the family are both recognized and to a great extent met in this volume.”


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