Free Ebook About The ADHD Fraud Plus Free Food Guide

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Has your child been “diagnosed” with “ADHD”?

You might want to check out these very timely resources brought to you by Homeschool Freebie of the Day and Mike Adams “The Health Ranger”:

Live with Dr. Fred Baughman: The ADHD Fraud (PDF ebook) – In the last 30 years, the field of psychiatry has transformed childhood into a disease through the label of ADHD. Dr. Fred Baughman, a pediatric neurologist and fellow of the American Association of Neurologists explores the reasons for this in this transcribed interview. He is one of the few neurological experts that is willing come forward with the truth about ADHD and the mass drugging of America’s children. Have you ever wondered why other countries don’t have this explosion of mental illness in their kids? Have you ever wondered why people in your parent’s generation didn’t have these problems? The answers are all right here in this interview.


The Honest Food Guide (PDF chart) – An outstanding chart on food choices & how they affect your family. Offers genuine nutritional information, not watered-down information designed to boost the sale of processed milk, beef and grain products.

Note: These links are no longer available at the Homeschool Freebie of the Day website, please see updated links below.

My personal experience with what “they” call “ADHD”:

  • Processed foods, especially food colorings and corn syrup, will affect a child -we got rid of the cheetos, hard candy and soda pops and there was no more bouncing off the walls, anger, and self-destructiveness. Every once in a while, my children get a soda or candy as a treat -and it takes two days for them to calm back down.
  • Exercise is also important -we noticed long ago that our children are calmer and can concentrate better if they get plenty of exercise such as running, jumping rope, hiking and long walks.
  • Drugs aren’t good -what about the side-effects? I’ve seen many children turned into walking zombies after being put on “ADHD” drugs.

Educate yourself, get the book and food chart -they’re free, so you have nothing to lose.



Updated Links:

Live with Dr. Fred Baughman: ADHD fraud and the chemical holocaust against a generation of children

The Honest Food Guide

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