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Homeschool Freebie of the Day brings us another adventure of Peter Wheat plus a coloring book to download:

The Adventures of Peter Wheat: The Mysterious Thief plus The Peter Wheat Coloring Book (PDF ebook) -Peter Wheat and the inhabitants of the wheat field are back with more fun comic book adventures! Written & illustrated by the great Walt Kelly, these little known 16 page comic books were originally published in 1950 as giveaways for local “Peter Wheat” bakeries.

Today’s adventure is “The Mysterious Thief” – somebody or someTHING has broken into the bakery and made a huge mess of everything, and it is up to Peter and Sammy Sweet to find out who it is… before it’s too late!


The delightful Peter Wheat Coloring Book features full page illustrations of Peter and his friends for young hands to color and enjoy!



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