Homeschool/Education Freebies: Raising Successful Children Ebook, Classic Audio, Presidents Day And Valentines Day Resources

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Free ebook from Homeschool Freebie of the Day on raising successful children:

Raising Children Who Succeed (PDF ebook) –Great little motivational/inspirational book on raising kids, and how we define "success". Includes chapters on what kids need and DON’T need… the legacy of books… the power of role models… teaching social skills… money issues, and more. Not written specifically for homeschoolers, but full of good ideas and advice for all families. Check it out and glean what applies to your family situation!

From Homeschool Radio Shows, a classic audio episode of Les Misérables:

The Bishop’s Candlesticks (MP3 Audio) –In this great episode from Victor Hugo’s classic novel, Les Misérables, Jean Val Jean has spent 19 years in the galley for stealing a loaf of bread for his sister’s children. Five years for burglary and 14 years for attempting to escape. With a yellow passport that marked his criminal past, Jean has roamed from town to town looking for work, only to have doors shut in his face. We hear the rumors as the gossip grows in Digne that labels Jean a thief, then a madman and finally blossoms into a murderer. However, the Bishop of Digne has no lock on his door. Though he is warned by his friends that he should secure his door against Jean, the bishop says, "This is not my house, but the house of the Lord…" When Jean comes, the Bishop greets him and welcomes him into his home. Jean is taken aback. He distrusts everyone because of their cruel treatment of him. The Bishop offers Jean a seat at his table (upon which sits two valuable silver candlesticks), and a good night’s rest in his own room. But that night as he lays upon his bed, Jean struggles with thoughts of his own poverty, and determines to kill his host and steal the candlesticks for himself… A wonderful dramatization of one of the pivotal parts Les Misérables and a great story of grace and redemption that your family will long remember.


Free Presidents Day resources from CurrClick:

Presidents’ Day Holiday Helper –Free product of the week. Presidents Day Holiday Helper is a short collections of high-quality literature, artwork and quotations which are easy to use during busy holidays; each one is designed to provide your children with uplifting and inspiring ideas and images. Read aloud and enjoy the stories. Encourage the practice of copywork and enjoy the study of great art of both Lincoln and Washington.

Presidents Day Notebooking Pages -Holiday notebooking pages from Print out a decorated page and allow your child to write his own narration, copywork, or report about Presidents Day. In the blank spaces provided, he can add a map, illustration, or other graphic to accompany his written work.


From SchoolExpress, a free Valentines Day unit study and activity worksheets:

SchoolExpress Newsletter for the Week of February 7, 2010 -This week’s free unit is titled Valentine’s Day and will be available through February 13. Also, there are 3 sets of Valentine Activity worksheets in the free worksheets area of the site.






For even more free educational resources, please check my educational freebies tag archive and my Free Homeschooling Page.

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