Jobs Available In The Great Smoky Mountains

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Need a job? Are you close to the Smokies? Do you like outdoor work?

The National Park Service has job openings in the Great Smoky Mountains near Townsend, Gatlinburg and Cherokee.

Jobs available:

  • Laborer
  • Laborer (Trails)
  • Laborer (B&U)
  • Laborer (Roads)
  • Maintenance Worker (Trails)
  • Maintenance Worker Leader (Trails)
  • Maintenance Worker (Roads)
  • Maintenance Worker (B&U)
  • Small Craft Operator
  • Carpentry Worker
  • Motor Vehicle Operator
  • Maintenance Worker (Historic Structures)
  • Animal Caretaker

There are 28 jobs in all, most are temporary and/or one year in length and starting pay is $13.00-$19.00 an hour, depending on the position. You can find them and apply online at:

USAJobs Great Smoky Mountains

If you’re interested, apply soon –deadlines to apply for each job are next week, January 12-14.



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2 comments to “Jobs Available In The Great Smoky Mountains”

  1. Comment by Alexandra:

    Wow, those pay scales are really good! Our area pays much lower wages, even the ones without benefits, which are usually higher paying.

  2. Comment by Denese:

    That’s just the Park Service -wages in the private sector around here aren’t as high. Laborers only make $8-10 dollars an hour, carpenter helpers $10-12, etc. You can bet that we filled out an application for Lacy! :)