We’ve Been “Stimulated”…Or Should I Say “Clunkered”?

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We have been truly blessed over the last year in that Lacy has still been working steady –until now.

On October 27th, he went to his job (which was supposed to continue through next spring) and was told he had 2 weeks to finish what they were doing and everything else was being put off until next year. The feller who Lacy was doing work for owns several junk yards in another state and apparently the bottom has dropped out of the metals market –thank you “Cash for Clunkers”!

All is not lost, though –Lacy has had a couple little jobs, we’re still eating and have a roof over our heads, thank the good Lord!

For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. And having food and raiment let us be therewith content. 1 Timothy 6:6-8

Sooo…I am exploring some alternate streams of income and trying to find more ways to cut back and live even more frugally. (There goes the paper towels, plastic wrap and aluminum foil!)

And…if any of you all in the Townsend/Wears Valley/Blount County TN area need a good, old-time carpenter/craftsman with 30 + years experience  -I’ve got one for you!

Lacy has built all over Townsend, including the Maple Leaf Lodge (Dancing Bear Lodge now), Davey Crockett Riding Stables, Little River Log Cabins, numerous other log cabins and stick-built homes. He won’t rip you off and does excellent work (just don’t look at our house –you know the saying about the cobbler’s kids).

We’re in the book, or you can email me.


On a side note –I’m just curious…wasn’t the stimulus money supposed to create/save jobs? Both of my brothers lost their jobs over the last year, too.

I miss President Bush.


It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man. Psalm 118:8




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6 comments to “We’ve Been “Stimulated”…Or Should I Say “Clunkered”?”

  1. Comment by Sharon:

    I miss President Bush too! We’ll sure be praying about the job situation.

  2. Comment by Denese:

    Thank you, Sharon. :)

  3. Comment by Heather:

    Hey, I just found your site and I like it a lot. Sorry to hear about your husband’s job, I said a prayer for you and I sure hope he finds something soon.

    Heather in Utah

  4. Comment by Alexandra:

    Prayers offered up! If you lived closer, I would be calling on your husband for some odd jobs. We need a good carpenter. If I hear of anyone needing a carpenter in your area, I’ll keep you in mind.

  5. Comment by Denese:

    Welcome Heather and thank you. :)

  6. Comment by Denese:

    Thank you Alexandra. :)