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This week from Homeschool Freebie of the Day; a classic for your young homemakers, preschool fun, an audio the whole family will enjoy and hands-on projects for your little men!

Monday, August 3rd: Mary Frances’ Adventures Among the Doll People (pdf ebook)  -A classic volume from the Mary Francis series by Jane Eayre Fryer. Mary Francis learns some very practical lessons about housekeeping while setting up a household for her own homeless family of dolls. Includes paper dolls and furniture to cut-out.

Tuesday, August 4th: The Critter Construction Book (pdf ebook) -Created for preschoolers and designed specifically so children can cut out the shapes and then create the "critters" herein with their parents. New designs have been added to the originals -an entire menagerie of critters to create!

Wednesday, August 5th: TO BE ANNOUNCED!

Thursday, August 6th: Famous Stories Retold by James Baldwin (mp3 audio) -A great audio collection of five classic stories from Baldwin’s book, read for you by homeschooled kids. Great stories and great readings! Don’t miss them!

Friday, August 7th: Something To Do, Boys: A Book for Wide Awake Boys (pdf ebook) -A huge collection of hands on projects and activities for boys (and girls) who love to make things and create their own fun. Fully illustrated plans for building toys and models, games to play, food, art, nature projects and much more. 

Don’t forget, each freebie is only available on that one day at Homeschool Freebie of the Day!


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More Boy’s Projects:

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  1. Comment by Julie:

    I am delighted with the boy’s book available for download today.  Thanks for the link and have a great day in Tennessee.