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Updated August 25, 2012

Free Fourth of July Old Time Radio Shows –4 free MP3 downloads of old time radio Fourth of July episodes, from

  • You Are There: “July 4th, 1776 Philadelphia” from March 21, 1948
  • Calling All Cars: “July Fourth in a Radio Car” from July 4, 1934
  • Meet The Meeks: “Planning a Company Picnic ” from July 3, 1948
  • Our Miss Brooks: “July 4th Trip to Eagle Springs” from July 3, 1949

Adventure Ahead: A Tooth For Paul Revere -originally aired on September 9, 1944, free MP3 download from

The Midnight Ride Of Paul Revere –from CBS’ On Stage 1953 radio show, free MP3 download, also from

The American Trail -American History serial drama that aired in 1953, free from the Internet Archive. Episodes for the Fourth of July:

  • Dispatch to New York (story of the adoption of the Constitution) -episode#1
  • The Brave Flag -episode#13

These can be listened to online or downloaded as an MP3 file to your computer.

Cavalcade of America -historical drama broadcast in the 1930s-1950s, free old time radio shows, also from the Internet Archive. Listen to online or download the MP3 files of these episodes for the Fourth of July:

  • The Declaration of Independence -episode #13/#14 in the audio player
  • Yankee Independence -episode#63/#59 in the audio player
  • Patrick Henry -episode#161/#153 in the audio player
  • Benedict Arnold -episode#181/#172 in the audio player
  • Valley Forge -episode#195/#186 in the audio player
  • The Gentleman from Paris (Marquis de Lafayette) -episode#261/#251 in the audio player
  • The Hated Hero of 1776 (Thomas Paine) -episode#350/#328 in the audio player
  • General Benjamin Franklin -episode#489/#464 in the audio player

Want even more Fourth of July radio shows? Order the OTRCat’s $5 Fourth of July Collection CD of 103 old radio show episodes, or the $10 Patriotic Collection of 73 different episodes on 2 discs.

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