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Some Of Our Old Family Remedies

My grandfather used whiskey on on our gums when we were teething as babies.

I can remember my momma giving us lemon and honey tea for sore throats and we had a black salve for drawing out splinters.

My momma-in-law used catnip tea to calm babies, mullein tea for coughs and kerosene to repel chiggers.

My husband pours kerosene on wounds (ouch!).

Some Home Remedies I Use

  • vinegar on burns (not broken skin) and athletes foot
  • aloe vera for burns
  • garlic/mullein oil for clogged ears, earaches, ear infections
  • an eyewash of eyebright or goldenseal tea for styes, pinkeye
  • mullein for coughs/bronchitis
  • homemade chicken soup with lots of onion, garlic, sage and thyme, for colds
  • honey for: sore throats, coughs, infected cuts and scrapes
  • witch hazel for skin conditions/to reduce swelling and redness (excellent for your face)
  • comfrey (as a poultice or salve) for cuts/bruises/broken bones/skin cancer
  • wild violet leaves (poultice) for skin conditions
  • sage/thyme/mullein/chamomile/peppermint/lemon balm/ginger/garlic/cayenne tea for colds and the flu (some or all)
  • ginger for upset stomach
  • licorice root for stomach upset/ulcers
  • cayenne/garlic for sinus problems
  • jewelweed (wild touch-me-not) for poison ivy (washing immediately in COLD spring water also works)
  • moistened tobacco or baking soda paste on insect bites and stings
  • salt pork or bacon fat to draw out splinters
  • onion poultice for boils
  • mountain mint/mosquito plant to repel bugs (rubbed on skin and clothes)
  • tea tree oil for shingles, acne

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Please note:  I am not a doctor and this is not intended to be medical advice.

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2 comments to “Home Remedies/Folk Medicine”

  1. Comment by Alexandra:

    How interesting. Ginger really works for me for upset stomachs. Tea tree oil helps with blemishes, and I use witch hazel on my skin all the time. I got some oils for home made bug repellent this year…can’t wait to see if they work. I’m going to try a few on the pets as well. I checked first to see if they were pet safe.

    Thanks for all the links…going to  browse. :)


  2. Comment by Denese:

    I’ve never tried Tea Tree oil but I did buy some to make a homemade deoderant recipe. My cousins uses it on her nails (fungus).
    My momma taught me about witch hazel when I was young, thank the Lord for mamas or we’d have to find out a lot of this on our own!
    I’d love to know how the bug repellent turns out, especially on your pets. Our dogs really get the ticks and I try to stay away from the chemical repellents (they didn’t work anyway). We usually de-tick them every couple of days and I put fresh garlic in their food but they still get ticks.