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Happy Presidents Day!

Or, if you’re in Canada, Happy Family Day!

There are all kinds of online homeschooling freebies for Presidents Day:

Some great educational resources on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are available at Homeschool Freebie of the Day, today only. Please note: These freebies are no longer available, check back next year for Presidents Day resources. New free resources are available each day.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum -Online resources include digitized historical documents, photographs, audio and video; timelines, interactive day-by-day calendar of the Roosevelt presidency, bibliographies, activities for students, curriculum guides, and much more.

Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello -The Home of Thomas Jefferson

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum: A President’s Day -Materials, Resources and Activities for Teachers

American President’s Life Portraits is a site to complement C-SPAN’s 20th Anniversary television series, American Presidents: Life Portraits March-December 1999. Biographical facts, videos, key events of each presidency, Presidential places and reference material.

Listen to or download The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson, from Radio Nostalgia Playhouse. This is an episode of “You Are There”, an old-time radio program that takes you back in history.

Also from Radio Nostalgia Playhouse is Moments in Time, a podcast of historical events that changed the world. Listen to or download FDR Speaks about the War Beginning In Europe 9/3/39.

Old Time Radio History Shows has some free historical audio downloads of past presidents’ speeches, scroll down the page to listen or download.

There is a ton of little-known facts at Presidential Fun Facts.

Also see 20 Things You Didn’t Know About U.S. Presidents for more presidential trivia.

Want to know what ailments George Washington suffered from? Check out Medical History of American Presidents.

Life of George Washington : Written for Children is a classic biography you can download in e-book format.

Learning Through History has an Abraham Lincoln Mini Unit Study.

Free George Washington lapbook

The American President Unit Study

Worksheets and Printables

U.S. Presidents Worksheets

President’s Word Search

Connect-the-dots Lincoln -for younger children

Help Lincoln Get to The Whitehouse Maze -for younger children

Presidents Day Crafts

Make Washington’s wig

Make Lincoln’s Log Cabin

Make the American Flag

Make Presidential Puzzles

Kaboose President’s Day page -12 different crafts including; powdered wig, future president pin, Abe Lincoln hat, finger puppets, pretzel log cabin

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