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Updated August 16, 2012

Free Salmon Recipes E-books:

101 Best Ever Salmon Recipes -From the biggest, salmon recipes site on the web,, you can get this free e-book full of delicious salmon recipes just for signing up for their newsletter.

New FishEx Salmon Recipes -Get over 40 salmon recipes from salads to main dishes in a free PDF e-book from FishEx Alaska Seafoods.

New New Zealand King Salmon Culinary Collection -This free salmon recipes PDF e-book contains 12 delicious recipes with full color photos and preparation tips -courtesy of New Zealand Nurtured Seafood. Free e-books are also available for Oyster and mussel recipes.

New Canned salmon Recipes by Alaska packers association -Published in 1900, this free e-book contains 76 pages of salmon recipes made with canned salmon -available from The Internet Archive in a variety of formats.

New Salmon Cookbook: How to Eat Canned Salmon -This is another old salmon cookbook, published in 1915, and contains 44 pages of canned salmon recipes -also available in a variety of formats at The Internet Archive.

New CloverLeaf Salmon Recipes -Get this free salmon recipes PDF e-book full of 24 recipes using canned salmon from Clover Leaf Seafoods (the download link is at the bottom of the page).

Free Seafood Recipes E-book

New Easy Home Cooking with Seafood -From Martin’s Food Markets, this free PDF e-book contains tasty recipes using fresh seafood.

Free Smoothie Recipes E-books

The Best Ever Smoothie Recipes -Get this free e-book of delicious smoothie recipes when you sign up for the newsletter from Plus, there are also over 300 recipes on the site itself.

New The Smoothie Handbook E-book -Sign up for the Smoothie Secrets Newsletter and get this free smoothie e-book filled with all kinds of healthy smoothies -from Danae at

New Superfood Smoothies -Sign up at Sunwarrior to get this free e-book packed with healthy, plant-based smoothie recipes and detailed information on superfoods.

Free Vintage Cookbooks in E-book Format

Get the classic  “The American Frugal Housewife” as a free e-book from Google Book Search.

The American Frugal Housewife

Also from Google Book Search is “The Baker’s Book: A Practical Hand Book of the Baking Industry in All Countries” by Emil Braun, originally published in 1902. Neat pictures.

The Baker’s Book

Another classic, “The New Dr. Price Cookbook” by New York Royal Baking Powder Company, can be downloaded from Project Gutenburg.

The New Dr. Price Cookbook

Free “Presidential” Recipes

Would you like to cook up a presidential meal? Inaugural Luncheon menus and recipes can be found at the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies.

2009 Presidential Inaugural Luncheon Menu and Recipes (link fixed)

2005 Inaugural Luncheon Menu and Recipes

2001 Inaugural Luncheon Menu and Recipes

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2 comments to “More Free E-Cookbooks”

  1. Comment by Alexandra:

    Love those old cook books! I’ve got a few saved in my Google Books Library, and have meaning to make more from them. I love the old cake and cookie recipes.

  2. Comment by Denese:

    Oh I do , too. :)
    I’ve been thinking about printing a small one off and hand-bind it into a book, I still would rather read and hold a real book.