Salmonella Outbreak

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Have you or anyone you know had the stomach flu lately? It might not be the flu!

A couple weeks ago, my 7 year old son, Daniel, came down with what we thought was a stomach virus, two days after a family get-together. He had stomach cramps, fever and the runs.
It took him a week to get over it!

Last night I found out there has been a Salmonella outbreak in 42 states, since October!

Salmonella outbreak spreads to 42 states, CDC says

The symptoms are exactly what Daniel had.

I thought I’d pass this on in case you’re like us and haven’t heard about it from your local news.

HT to SGPolitics on Twitter.

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  1. Comment by tipper:

    I’ve been hearing about the outbreak today-wonder if they’ve discovered what caused it.